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Foreign students Siglap Homestay Homestay


We are a warm and friendly family inviting primary and secondary foreigners from different cultures to come experience the Singaporean culture and improve their English with us.

Our goal

We are committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for international students to complete their English and a short course or long-term intensive study of school mathematics governemnt. We have established a 22:00 curfew and seasonal areas in the evaluation of the student to ensure that they have the wrong company of friends. At any time, there is an adult in the house to appreciate the needs of your child. We will provide monthly updates to the parents of their children.

Our Location

House has 4 factories along Changi Road, between Siglap Road and Frankel Ave. (Level 2 – family members and caregivers, levels 3 and 4 – students, men and women separate room)

5 minutes walk from the train station Kembangan

10 minutes by bus to the Bedok Town Centre where shops and restaurants

10 minutes by bus to the pool

20 minutes by train from central

Legend Room

Three rooms with a common bathroom at level 4

Size of 275 square feet

Available Loft Bed

Bureau of Personnel, install extensions, lighting and cabinets Fluroscent

Price per person per month for 1200 Singapore Dollar

The room rate includes the following services: internet access, cleaning, laundry, ironing equipment, air conditioning, 2 meals on school days and 3 times on weekends, public holidays and school holidays festival

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Study in Canada Education Any time excellent

To make the education system with the highest standards, studies in Canada can be a unique option for students. If it’s a better option that makes a valuable career and let you experience a good time. In addition, Canada has been ranked the best place to live in terms of education and quality of life. To experience the culture and race with the option to learn a new language, Canada will be a perfect destination study.

Choosing a course and university is the first step to go abroad. Many colleges and universities in Canada offering internationally recognized degrees. If you are concerned about meeting the cost of love, because it can be helpful. The country has a low enrollment and relatively affordable compared to other English speaking countries. One can enjoy a cozy atmosphere and hospitalized encourage and motivate international students and let them feel really comfortable.

Canada is one of the peaceful countries with a low prevalence of violent crime and a health system that has been completed. One can find an easy and comfortable accommodation and excellent medical services. With a better education system, there are also various curricular activities to attract students and make it interesting and inspiring. Studying in Canada offers a stimulating and motivating environment.

Versatile art and culture, Canada is more luxurious and better facilities to attract more foreign students who come here and spend your valuable time doing important resume. Furthermore, we can also allow for a part-time job for life and spending. A learning environment that is stable and excellent students to increase interest ‘. It is regarded as the traditional immigration countries. So, you can learn and have fun while on tour.

Canada is one of the famous cultural activities and attractive life styles. It has grown with many parks, gardens and beaches for public use and then have a very good sports and leisure facilities.

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How correctional services can help international students

The number of international students in Australia has grown by 16.8% percent in the 2009-2010 school year, bringing the total number of international students in Australian universities produced more than half a million students study (631,935 to be exact). While most students are very intelligent and can certainly succeed in post-secondary class they are, many of them survive academically because of language barriers.

Language Issues

While most international students will be able to communicate effectively in English, sometimes it just is not effective enough to be good, especially in the competitive world of academics. Writing teachers expect their students to be clear, bright, and perfect grammar. This is the case with most programs, not just designated as English classes. The effectiveness of this policy to all students, including international students to apply. Because English is often a second language for foreign-born students, tracking their counterparts in Australia can be a challenge.

How can edit online services


editing and proofreading services in

S can be very useful for international students to persist in their academic writing. Many editors the company’s employees are specially trained to detect and correct the most common errors made by ESL (English as a Second Language) students.

No matter how difficult the language study or work on your writing, if you are an international student, you are at a significant disadvantage when it comes to performing on par with their peers in the writing tasks. Because students must speak and write in English all their lives, have an innate sense of language, including all the exceptions to the rules and idioms that make writing easy to explain their English. An online editing and proofreading services to help eliminate the crutches and put aside their peers in terms of clarity and proper use of language, which allows the ideas and views of your own to Shine through.

Using Online Services is not correction scams

Most international students are very committed to their studies and never compromise academic status with fraud. Fortunately, there is nothing offensive about the use of editing and proofreading services. The staff editors do not write their papers for you or alter your ideas: Make sure that your original works are presented in the best light to correct any errors that might distract from your message alone. This is similar to what you do best, spelling or grammar check word processor. If there is, academic services make the playing field more fair competition for all students, including international.

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Study in Ukraine a practical option for Higher Education

Ukraine is not the first thing that comes to mind when people think about making higher education in a European university. However, state institutions of higher education that deserves serious consideration.

English is the medium that is widely accepted in academic circles as well as the official language in Ukraine. Russian and Crimean Tatar is also used. This makes it easier for international students adjust to life in this country.

It is good for foreign students. Ministry of Ukraine, in 1998, passed the “acceptance clause foreigners and stateless persons for training in institutions of higher education”, which establishes procedures for the entry of foreigners in Ukrainian schools.

PTS Ukrainian schools and offer classes and teachers of government funded, according to the Bologna process, which means that the quality of academic qualifications are in accordance with the standards set by the European Higher Education. This ensures that the student has a degree incompatible with Ukraine to other European countries. This is almost equivalent to higher education in France and Germany, without protection of the stratosphere, etc., and the cost of living.

Students interested in enrolling in a university in Ukraine may start your search are listed below. All are known for providing quality education, are welcome to students of foreign policy and offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs.

National Technical University of Ukraine

It is known for technical and technological courses, the university also has very good policies for international students clearly a number of students enrolled at the university. The graduate program is well known to the world. Rector, Michael Zgurovsky, citing the university’s strong point. “The diversity of students, distinguished faculty, strong academic curriculum and outstanding research”

4icu, an expert in website rankings, placing it in a lot of universities in Ukraine. He was also awarded the Order of Lenin, one of the highest honors for an institution to study in Ukraine.

National University of Kiev-Mohyla Academy

One of only thirteen autonomous universities in Ukraine, received the university’s highest level of government accreditation. Part of the European University Association and participates actively in international academic cooperation.

Although it is very small compared to other universities, it offers one of the most highly competitive entrance examinations in an educational institution in Ukraine. This ensures that only the most intellectually gifted students can participate and help maintain stringent standards for teaching students as well.

According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is the fourth best university in the country. It is one of the best in Ukraine in economics, law and humanities.

National Taras Shevchenko University of Kiev

With the highest number of professors of academic departments of the University and vary widely in this country. It is known to stimulate progressive thinking.

He is best known in the field of literature and art. The research programs of the University maintained a strong relationship with various international research institutes. In fact, it is one of the highest results of research in the country.

Position in the hierarchy of education of Ukraine has proven time and again, consistently ranking in the top universities. Currently ranked number 3 position 4icu, behind only NTUU KPI. It is ranked the number one college in a recent independent of 228 colleges conducted by independent Compas.

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Study in UK – Additional services for students in UK Higher Education

Before choosing a university study in higher education in the UK, make sure you are fully aware of what resources are offered to international students.

Other sources of the most important, along with a library and IT services that should be examined when compared to the speculative college universities is the quality of teachers and academic services provided.

Higher education

The standards of teaching and assessment at the University of British recognized worldwide.


Study at University in the UK went to international students as an English teacher must complete training to carry out their teaching methods can be accessed by students of various studies.

Teachers are trained to be able to diversify their teaching methods according to the different levels of language learning skills in students.

Links to Industry

In addition to a teaching qualification is important to ensure that the teacher has professional experience and up-to-date in your area who are familiar with industrial development, and can even provide a direct link to their students.

One to One Time Class teacher

Confirm students to choose the number of contact hours each school will be given.

If there is an unusually high number of students in your class who have chosen to study at UK universities can see that there is little opportunity to interact with their teachers.

You need to check if the university decides to limit the number of students assigned to each classroom, as it determines the amount of time that students interact with teachers.

Practice Study

Study in UK Higher Education can be improved through the provision of skills training college you choose to learn.

These services can be in the form of an induction program at the beginning of the school year, or the optional 1:01 counseling session to cover topics such as test preparation, academic writing, references and other training requirements for higher levels education.

English Language Support

If English is not your first language, you may want to make use of English language support offered by the university to complete their course.

Make sure it is clear what kind of language support is offered by the college as the Institute may vary by offering English as an additional module evaluated as a score or optional session management to complement the main course of their studies.

Although research in UK Higher Education are honored to be the level of education and equipment in the world is important for evidence of the source of your claim university choose to offer before making your final decision.

The standards of teaching and assessment at the University of British recognized worldwide. The author, Dr. Romero Skordoulis explain additional resources to check before applying to any university. If you plan

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Study Canada – Top 5 Reasons to Study in Canada

Covering most of the northern part of the continent of North America, the second largest in the world Canadais (afterRussia), with a total area of ​​9.9 million square kilometers of the country.

Canadais one of the best destinations for international students. Study inCanadawould be a wonderful experience for anyone, literally, ranking as the world live thebest placein sinceCanadais. Such as access to education, high life expectancy and low crime rate, Canadais very attractive destination for students all over the world.

Other interesting places for Indian students is the fact thatCanadawelcomes immigrants with open arms. So complete their education can decide to stay back and complete the immigration process to enjoy the best life in the world. As a country of immigrants, Canadaplaces high demand on multicultural diversity.

Canadian universities offer quality education and highly respected around the world. University degrees are offered at three consecutive levels – Bachelor, Master and PhD. A bachelor’s degree typically requires three or four years of full-time study, depending on the province. Bachelor honors degree involves a higher level of concentration in core subjects, as well as higher levels of academic ability, and in some cases, an additional year of study. A master’s degree usually requires two years of study after the completion of the program, both general and honors baccalaureate. A university college is a public postsecondary educational institution that offers a variety of programs for high school graduates and adults seeking further education or training. Public universities offer vocational courses in various professional and technical fields, including business, health, science, agriculture, applied arts, technology, skilled trades, and social services. Diploma delivered by the successful completion of a two or three-year programs, while certificate programs most often take years to complete. Many colleges offer university transfer programs, providing the first two years of a university degree program. Also offers many degree and applied degree programs. Universities are much cheaper than university and career-oriented.

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