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African Engineers: Cecilia Apawu

Apawu Cecilia graduated from the School of Engineering of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Kumasi, Ghana, in 1989, with a BSc in Mining and Mineral Engineering. She was the first woman to earn the title of the number of women studying engineering is not more than five hundred in the second grade. As with all students last year, Cecilia spent most of the year in a practical research project, and he chose to work with Suame Intermediate Technology Transfer Unit (Ittu) studied the work of traditional an aluminum pot castors. Knowledge that he was getting, and he improved design, helped to play a major role in the development of indigenous foundry industry on the other side of the ball Ghana.

The casting aluminum cooking pot is said to have begun in Bolgatanga in the upper east region Ghana, but spread to several parts Other countries, including Suame Magazine in Kumasi, Ghana’s largest informal industrial area and is home to one turn of the twentieth century more than 100,000 craftsmen. Cecilia first met Suame caster aluminum pot but his first professional assignment he worked Ittu themes, enhance the work of grassroots people Ashiaman foundry, twin town.The Potter theme we use as a pattern of imported steel pan, cut into two parts along the Greenwich meridian. Molds made of sand. Scrap aluminum of all kinds are smelted in charcoal-fired furnace and poured into molds. After cooling, the mold is opened to extract the submitted pot. When Cecilia began her work in Ashiaman, the craftsmen who achieve 70 percent success rate. Cecilia is determined to discover why 30 percent castings fail, and how the success rate can improved.

With Ashun help Charles, a veteran technician based theme Volta Aluminum Company Kaiser Engineering, Cecilia studied every aspect of casting aluminum. As always happens in such situations, it was several months before the theme foundry Ittu may indicate a higher rate of success than the informal sector artisans, but when the time is finished the artist training program established and showing how they can achieve more consistent results. An important factor is the correct choice of scrap some types are not suitable for re-casting. Other improvements are related to the selection and preparation of sand and mold, and climate control flow of liquid aluminium.

Cecilia Ghana proved that women can be engineers as well as men if given the same opportunity. ITTUs presence, and the good deeds he had done, did much to encourage other women and changes in the attitude of the people. He played a major role in Ghana ‘Women in Engineering Program’ of the mid-1990s. This is a brief description of his early work is published in the hope that it will help encourage other young women to consider careers in engineering and apply their skills in economic development of their country, up from the grass roots.

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