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Astronomy for Kids Training Tips

Almost every child has an interest in exploring the stars. Being able to learn astronomy online is something special that only ten years ago was not even offered. Let’s take a look at the many benefits of having the ability to learn astronomy on the web and at some astronomy for kids that teaches you suggestions.

Every to children to stay up late and astronomy is perfect justice. Let’s be realistic, they will come out plus they have to stay up until the early hours of the morning. Why not use your great advantage and teach them something that they are interested in learning? Children is associated with a clean slate astronomy. They are hungry to learn and do so with great passion because it is a topic that they are happy in. It is very important to choose appropriate instructional resources are also interesting for children If you want to learn astronomy online. Astronomy for kids is among the subjects of the most fun you can try to teach. Teaching about space by simply reading the text book almost as much fun as going out or watching the stars through program.

When buy astronomical computer software, the first thing to check if this program can run on your computer. Make sure that the software does not just run a variety of computer (PC or Mac), but also that your computer is powerful enough to create a 3-dimensional image. Specification system for software programs typically bold display their website.

Excellent astronomy software allows you to learn astronomy online by observing the sky not only from your local position, but often out of the slot. A huge advantage of astronomy software package is that your child can easily search for exactly what they want to see and observe directly. Find objects in the sky at night is a challenging activity and many brand new astronomers become discouraged by their lack of ability to find things such as Venus or more Mars.

One benefits of having the ability to learn astronomy online required a clear sky or weather conditions a pleasure to enjoy. Nothing can ruin a well planned astronomy trip quicker than clouds or rain. Teaching astronomy for kids can be done just about anywhere that you can bring laptop.

As to gain experience teaching astronomy for kids you will find that there are some important features to look for in astronomy software: the ability to see events in the future past (or future), simple to use interface, and above all the assurance that the information provided by reliable sources such as NASA. Make sure you provide information to correct.

Astronomy for children as subjects satisfying for the teacher or parent for your child.

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Monkeys in Space

History of animal testing in space is a long one, but one of the most important parts of it held by a monkey. During the 1940s, scientists began sending different species in space with the objective of determining the harsh environmental conditions of space. After the end of the initial fears that no life to survive weightlessness and space radiation, American scientist embraced a long running program that sent more than 15 monkeys into orbit. Their initial experiments pave the way for future manned missions into space, and the vast expansion of scientific knowledge that awaited us outside the focus of monkey Earth.

American is easily explained by the relative Family ease their training, and their physical and biological similarities to humans. In addition to investigating the influence of space on the body of the monkey and their ability to preform simple trained actions, many airlines also try a variety of new materials, equipment, and other techniques that can eventually used in future manned space mission launched wave missions.

First some monkeys at the top the top layer of soil used V2 and then Aerobee rocket (known, V2 represents redesigned models of German WW2 rocket). Six monkeys that went into space between 1949 and 1952, had not managed to survive their mission, but scientists still managed to record a large number of observations and critical data. S most important time was definitely the monkey Albert II, who managed to reach a height of 83 miles and officially enter the space, and Albert VI, who survived the landing. Unfortunately, even though he died several hours later from overheating, pending the rescuers to save him from the scorching sun New Mexico.

Arrival Jupiter class rockets ushered in a new era of space exploration. Scientists will then be able to send cargo into orbit larger, and one of the most famous examples of successful monkey space mission is one able and Miss Baker. May 28, 1959 during their flight, they reached a height of more than 300 miles, experienced more than nine minutes of weightlessness and then safely landed in the Pacific Ocean. The success of this mission proved to scientists that their space program nearly mature enough to send a human crew space.

Introduction Mercury space program brought the final stages of testing the monkeys. Before the maiden flight of American astronauts, NASA scientists decided to test some important procedures and equipment using monkeys. Young rhesus monkeys Sam and Miss Sam successfully tested astronaut evacuation procedure called LES, and in January 1961, the boxing chimpanzee named Ham will be sent into space. Ham flight goal is to prove to scientists that astronauts could operate their complex equipment during weightlessness. Ham preformed perfectly, and in May of the same year, the American astronaut Alan Shepard successfully went to space (only a few weeks after his flight Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin). Slightly more monkeys went to the room after that – chimpanzee Enos orbited the Earth twice in late 1961 and the two small monkeys sent into space onboard the Space Shuttle in 1985 from Union Challenger.

Soviet early space program is more focused on delivering of dogs in space. Nearly 20 years after the end of the test monkeys America, the first monkey went into space “Bion” their space program. Between 1983-1996, exactly 12 monkeys sent into space on a mission to take between five and five and 14 days.

Last flying monkeys Russia in 1996 represented the end of its use in the space program. In the same year, NASA disbanded their own monkey test equipment and focus their efforts on manned space exploration.

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Fortune telling and Impact-13 Zodiac Sign Ophiuchus

What will be the impact on predicting Ophiuchus 13 expressed as a true sign of the zodiac? Still there are astronomers believe it should be recognized as binding such.

Although 88 constellations, only twelve of which lines the ecliptic, which is the annual path of the sun to seize the celestial sphere, considered Zodiac. Roads moon and planets all fall within the ecliptic, which means that the sun, moon and planets are always or through one zodiac constellations.

As earth rotating on its axis, it sways like a top. Every 26,000 years it makes a complete circle through the sky in a movement known as precession. While moving the axis by precession, the stars visible in the sky seems to shift and Lo and Behold, Ophiuchus has inched its way to the Zodiac ring. However, the position is still not recognized as a true Zodiac and probably never will. Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces will undoubtedly stand as the 12 Zodiac houses.

Fortune said it would take a real turn of events whether it be Zodiac Ophiuchus 13 correct sign. Although the 12 signs of the Zodiac are named to represent animals or mythology, Ophiuchus is the name of an actual person. In fact, Ophiuchus means “serpent bearer” and represents Asclepius, the ancient Greek and Roman God of healing. He often appeared in a dream unhealthy like a snake. Our modern doctors still swear the Hippocratic oath before Asclepius and his snake-entwined staff common symbol for medicine. The addition of a strong sign will definitely make it more interesting and prosperous.

Ophiuchus prophecy is described as an interpreter of dreams and doubt. He got lucky and a seeker of truth and harmony. Besides being a doctor, he poetic, inventive and seek wisdom. Interestingly, the number 12 has special meaning for him.

Yet, we remain astrology horoscope based on a person’s birth, time of birth and the position of the sun, moon and planets in the houses of the Zodiac with sun birth. While it is believed that there may 13th sign, to say good luck to the profession would be chaos in case another Zodiac sign is the addition of Ophiuchus as home added.

The 13 Ways November 30 through December 17 is not owned by Scorpio and Sagittarius. Life Scorpions and Sagittarians are submitted split. The fortune-telling their horoscope in the morning paper does not seem trustworthy. They must find new ways to say today just fortune.

The constellation Ophiuchus for 19 days in a year may not be enough time for Astrologer to recognize it. However, it exists and not giving it only makes fortune tellers say a little more like hocus pocus.

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Optics 101: The First Lesson for the Star Gazer – Beyond teaching moment

Imagine it is your first day as a teacher and you are in front of the classroom as a high school astronomy teacher, or you read my article shortly taught … and you only have a few former and the latter has struck you eager to learn more about telescopes for yourself and other people (especially young people) in the family. What comes first? Show them a telescope, or show them the stars? The first approach is the possibility of not. There is no certainty of revelation aa great joy when leaning back and look at the planetarium ceiling unless there is motivation that led to great enthusiasm. Must develop one’s point first.

There many junk science in American cinema, no doubt when it comes to science fiction, but sometimes it’s junk could be the beginning of something very interesting. It is suitable for all subjects who entered the conversation, however, the keywords, “science fact film” Googled comes to mind. Web has given me, as a teacher and a parent, not just a large number of practical information on many topics, but under the title of this article, which is an important opening to carrying on the star gazing for tomorrow’s astronomers, astrophysicists, astrobiologists, backyard star gazers, and much more. If you work with pre-teens is your starting point (formative period well, by the way) “” and “ / science” provides a wide range of materials can and should be changed to be more touchy-feely medium. (This is an excellent opportunity for readers to get creative.) When I first started teaching, many older colleagues tell me that the movie is a killer great opportunity for students confused and not interested. Well, the teacher (in the form of the home as well), prepare yourself! Get reviews and movie previews and video when the kids are out there. With a large body of work worthy of consideration and effort not to mention your living room or in your class to start the adrenaline flowing in children veins.

For the middle school age through high school ages 12 and above, the challenge will be greater if the new audience recently exposed when educating or just get a little interest in looking beyond their own level of experience of the planet. Again know your kids, do your homework and take the famous name “Astro” the world to them. Maybe start with a guy like Edwin Hubble determines the distance to the Andromeda nebula clearly named later he was determined not to be a separate galaxy but a nebula. This can be a great start for children with pictures and the telescope is named for him. Then there was Carl Sagan who know much, the opportunity to play the Public Broadcasting TV. There is a huge body of this work in thought and deed. Not enough, get a list of ‘check names’ when you “Google” the name of the famous astronomer and bring your pick.

The important aspect here is to understand that your child, or your students studies have to show interest in the subject in order to make a productive time. Children or students, or adults for that matter who shows signs of boredom when applying these efforts may not be getting value from the next column activities.

Now, take it to a planetarium . If you are an astronomy teacher, and you have the size of the class planetarium in your school, you’re ready. If not and / or you are expanding more shortly taught, take the family to the nearest planetarium. Start your search online Directory Tourist Information. However, only 34 states have this facility, so your choice is either planning a trip or go online and Google “online planetarium” on various sites found facilities. My favorite from the beginning became Paul Neave Interactive. It is a good choice to see and recognize the constellations in both day and night sky.

See back again, to expand learning outside teaching moment.

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Where and When to go stargazing

Meditation is undoubtedly an interesting hobby that can actually be enjoyed by anyone. Unfortunately many people are not clear when and where the best place and time to go is. Below are some guidelines that I hope will clear up some of this uncertainty.

Where to go: While this is true chose a beautiful, perfect location for watching the night sky can be difficult these days, it is usually easy to find a place that offers the look is perfect. Keeping these things in mind: Find a wide-open: Look for a large sample of field sports field or just a good sized plant. The important thing is that it’s quite far from great things can be a path between the trees, structures, and big mountains and / or hills that can block your view. This should ensure that you do not miss out on experiencing different constellations that can be close to the horizon, and limiting meditation experience.-Stay away from bright electric lights: Light pollution results from the bright lights in the “sky glow” Dropping a few things- great stuff there to see the night sky. Trying to get away from the strong areas with lots of lights on the highway and car lights shining continuously. Non-urban areas clearly the best. If you have never seen the night sky over a black neighborhood near perfect, far from most sources of light pollution, you would be surprised about difference.

When to go:-In addition to bright (head out at night), there are several considerations when deciding the time best to start stargazing.-Depending on what you are trying to see as well as specific location, the item you are looking for may or may not be in the night sky when you want. Many constellation best seen or seen especially for some time, the Moon sets and the sun rises do, and the planets are generally only visible at certain times. On top of that every time the moon is full or close to full brightness is able to overcome the many stars in the sky, while remaining fully meditation possible at this time, it is often best to hang on until the month is really close to the new moon phase, or to ride before or after already regulated. Do your homework, investigate the right time to see the Yes-sky objects selected winter season is the best time of year to go see the stars awarded are generally more clear skies and light pollution has a tendency to reduce future years.

Quite a few lovers ready to bundle up and take with hot drinks like tea or hot chocolate for cold weather look. Summer only has the advantage of rest more comfortable temperature. In general there are many constellations you will look much better in a certain period of time and also many parts of the sky that can only be found at certain times of the year, because it makes your research. Re-Also see the weather, just because its raining does not mean the sky is clear. You can not see stars when clouds way.Best lucky coincidence and happy stargazing!

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Myth About Planet Venus

Mystery of the outer planets has been puzzling mankind since the dawn of time. And as a result of the composition of Earth’s atmosphere allows all kinds of life to cultivate, it is natural for people to question whether other planets have comparable properties that are important for any signs of life exist.

For few years, Venus is considered a “twin brother” from Earth. This is true in certain aspects, and in addition to various levels of false. To get a clearer sense know this, let’s take a peek at the planet Venus in reality and fiction.

Speculation Venus: A lot of people think about the possibility of Venus as the planet’s life-support. Conjecture that this is due to the fact that Venus and Earth are significant similarities:

• In addition to the fact that Venus might be the nearest neighbor of Earth, this study also indicates that each planet has nearly the same size, density and composition. Types of surface features found on Venus consists of mountains, volcanoes, and rift valleys.

• Venus claimed to have a greenhouse effect, which is not a remote environment dilemma that individual expertise on the planet.

• Forrester study found water on Venus. Earth’s surface is completely covered with a thick, dense cloud surfaces with rain shower. The fog was so thick, so it is almost out of the question for astronomers peered through the past and see what’s underneath. But because of the formation of bright clouds above noticed, it will lead people to speculate swamp forest and the sea fills planet.

Facts was denied Speculation Even though Venus is similar to many features that Earth has, the more difference than the planet’s wrath proved speculation that it supports life:

• The surface temperature of Venus is around 700-900 degrees Fahrenheit. Surface temperatures on Mercury’s surface is even said, despite the fact that Venus is only the second of its proximity to the sun. Large volcanoes on Venus and extra abundant than the surface of the other features it has. Floor filling lava planet as a lake of fire demons.

• Venus ‘atmosphere’ is mainly made of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and sulfur dioxide. Abnormal amount of carbon dioxide present in the environment to explain the greenhouse effect our planet experiences. More specifically, Venus experienced what is known as the greenhouse effect. Venus absorbs a lot of heat from the sun trapped in layers and run away. If it has happened on this planet, there is no living being will survive the heat.

• dense clouds that surround Venus derived from sulfuric acid rain because it is also highly toxic. Clouds also block sunlight from passing through, so that only 20% of it to enter the cloud composition toxicity clearly shows an aggressive environment is not favorable for supporting life. It actually says that the oceans could exist on Venus, but as a result of the extreme heat, any traces of water will just evaporate important requirement immediately.

The Venus resembles achieved worst-case scenario that could happen on Earth. No matter whether Venus once a guilty pleasure or not, we can only hope that future discoveries will bring people closer to study the Earth and Venus are actually made.

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Universe DVDs – A Review of the Top 3 DVD Universe

Here’s a review of three DVD universe. They are full of interesting information on astronomy and contain hours of video documentaries. This video is both educational and entertaining documentary:

1. The Universe Series by History Channel The Universe The first series was broadcast by History channel between May 2007 and September 2010. It has a total of 5 and 63 episode season, all of which are very popular because of their coverage of various topics of interest about astronomy fascinating use of computer generated graphics and high -definition footage from NASA, interviews with famous astronomer and astrophysicist, etc.

The Universe Series use highly sophisticated computer generated animation to illustrate interesting phenomena such as colliding galaxies, giant meteorite impacts, supernova explosion, strange black-hole effect, colonizing space, wildest weather in the universe, etc. leading astrophysicists explain complex physics theory in such a way, even a beginner can understand them easily.

Each five season now available in a DVD set the universe or Blu-ray discs. All five seasons are available as DVD box set of the universe with a total run-time of 3055 minutes. It also contains some additional, bonus documentary episodes.

2 addition to the original 63. The Cosmos by Carl Sagan’s “Cosmos, A Personal Voyage” was first broadcast by the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) in 1980. Decades later, the award-winning show is an epic about astronomy program. Over 500 million people have seen this program in more than 60 countries. Carl Sagan was a genius unique style of presentation has remained unsurpassed till date. He can explain even the heaviest astrophysical theory as soon as possible way.The Cosmos by Carl Sagan is a job that makes us reflect on the depth of our roots, our place in the universe, and our potential, it asks questions both large and Carl Sagan offers excellent answer or even ask the big questions that stimulate philosophical debate. All 13 episodes of The Cosmos is now available in a DVD set of the universe. This range digital remastered and has a total run-time of 780 minutes.

3. Journey to the Edge of the Universe National astronomy GeographicThis show first aired by National Geographic in 2009. It is a fascinating, one-and-a-half hour journey started from Earth and brought us on a tour of the Moon, the planets, the surface of the Sun, distant galaxies, nebulae, quasars, pulsars, black hole, etc. using computer generated animation PRODUCE dazzling real, high definition photographs of the universe taken by NASA and ESA. Charming narration by Alec Baldwin. This is one of the most popular universal DVD is currently available.

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When Will Solar Maximum Hurt the Fledgling Private Space Flight Industry?

“To boldly go where no man has ever been before,” a phrase that we all know, and the one we grew up with. Today, it is more likely that citizens will actually get the chance. No, they can not go too far into space, but they may very well one day visiting a hotel space, a space station, a moon colony, or at least the weight of experience in low Earth orbit. Currently, there is a waiting list, and colleagues made deposits totaling tens of thousands of dollars to private space companies that dream.

Virgin Galactic experience is completing the first private spacecraft, spaceport nears completion and Earth based in New Mexico. NASA also has contracts with several private space companies to assist them with the need to move people and supplies from Earth to the international space station. Many are concerned that private companies may not be able to handle all scheduled Telescope and future missions. However, I would submit to you that it is a private company that builds all the satellites, and all parts of the international space station. It is also a private company, and the free market that built the spacecraft. It was built by a private company under contract.

The Wall Street Journal has an excellent article on the privatization of space on August 17, 2011. This article was written by Andy Pasztor and titled “Private Space Taxis Race to the Launchpad,” and article talking contract with SpaceX Telescope, which also gives hope to investors who wish to invest in the future operation of personal space. When private firms and companies have the money they need to move the ball forward, they will most likely be five or six times as powerful as NASA uses the same amount money.

Now later, many Space Coast of Florida have lost their jobs because of cut NASA’s budget. Yes, I understand their situation, but I also believe that many people can get jobs in the private sector, as well as the skills, knowledge, and worldly knowledge is worth a pretty penny. NASA has awarded a contract to many other companies such as: Armadillo Aerospace, Near Space Corporation, founded Up Aerospace, Virgin Galactic, SpaceX, Masten Space Systems, XCOR, and some others.

There there was some talk about the challenges facing NASA for rent Russia get us back and forth to the International Space Station. Meanwhile, the competition for China are developing their own, albeit small, space station. Unfortunately, China does not have a toilet in their space station, and it’s very likely that they will use “flying toilets” – a term used by those who live in “the slums of Kibera” in Nairobi Kenya, only one person use the amount of waste in a plastic bag, and then throw it to fellow roof.

We know that China has contributed to space junk, and would benefit if they also contribute to the toilet flew orbit. Because even if you are able to hit with a bag of human feces, if traveling in orbit at 17,000 kilometers, can do some real damage, and there is no good bull dung. But joking apart, the space race, and it’s time for the United States to take action and get our 21st century.

Perhaps we can realize the futures of science fiction written by authors such as Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, Ben Bova, and Gene Roddenberry. In fact, it is interesting that DARPA has also started a group that will focus on the development of the spacecraft 100 years. There is some space adventures, and space entrepreneurs who set a target to go to Mars, even if it’s only a one-way affair. In other words, if you go, you can return it in a lifetime, but you will actually go down (or rather up) to history.

When came to the hotel room, it appears that Bigelow Aerospace is on the leading edge of expandable and inflatable habitats for low Earth orbit: where they will take them next? There are at least 12 states with plans to build spaceports, or sign a letter of agreement or agreements with private space companies like Virgin Galactic. There are also hundreds of thousands of people who are waiting for the waiting list to go into space, so there is plenty of money to go around for private space companies ready to take people into space and bring them back safely.

Okay Therefore, if there any risk? There’s even one of the risks that we noticed is that we are approaching a period of solar maximum and solar flares have to build solar radiation that can damage orbiting space hotel, or spacecraft that happen to be in orbit at the wrong time. Fortunately, NASA also has the capability to predict solar flares before they hit the Earth in sufficient time to allow the return of the travelers safe gap before the arrival of a solar flare. However, scientists believe that the solar space starting in 2013 we could be in for a heck of a trip in connection with the high amount of X-Flares challenging human space operations.

The Russo was also in on the game, and they build a spaceport near the equator in South America. They hope to use this location to launch rockets carrying satellites, astronauts, cosmonauts, and supplies into space. Launch from near the equator give them the benefit of 15%, and requires less fuel to reach escape velocity from the equatorial regions of our planet. Yes, there are challenges ahead for the privatization of space flight. But it was a good time to see what kind of man capable of.

Personally technology, I’ve all come to private space flight, and I believe it is a step in the right direction, and a big step for the future of mankind. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think about investing in private space companies, and book travel in space as part of a dream that you’ll never forget as long as your life experience. Think about it.

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Declining – Gravity In Spiritual Lessons

I am at risk of sounding like I’m doing nothing but watching TV, but I’m not going to apologize to watch other TV programs either – Mysteries of Universe.

The subject gravity, and Dr. Brian Cox really blew me away with this simple explanation power complex. Gravity means absolutely everything is falling into everything else, and continue to follow the irresistible curves space-time created by the pull of all the stars, planets and galaxies in the universe. Gravity is a creative and destructive nature. This creates drag and hold together the elements necessary for life, but ultimately it destroys too, compressing everything and exerting pressure finally crushes impossible death.

It made me really think about the experiences of our lives. Maybe on some subconscious level so that we are aware of this autumn, and makes it uncomfortable to us because it is beyond our control. Is that why we often feel the need to regulate and control our lives so stiff and tidy? Is it inevitable we fight? And then I got me thinking about the way we use the word “autumn” in everyday language. Is not it interesting that we describe entering the physical, mental and emotional as “falling” as well? We fall in love, fall asleep, fall apart. Again, give a sense of the inevitable, that we can not control these things, but despite our best efforts to happen to us. It also shows the microcosm / macrocosm action; experiencing personal day universal pattern reflects higher than reality. Maybe if we knew that when we created the phrase … People often dream of falling when they go through challenging situations (losing jobs, taking care of many dependents, studying for exams).

Again, this usually indicates a subconscious feeling out of control, hurtling towards the end of the potentially catastrophic and can not do anything to stop it. At the same we are also interested in the joy and excitement of collapse. You only have to look at the popularity of roller-coaster ride and fair to see. There are things that fall can stop time for you, where you have been very present in the moment and both seem to last a lifetime. It’s almost as if we catch ourselves in the process of falling in such a way that we can stand outside it. We feel lighter and free of our physical body. This decrease was cleaned to a certain extent – we safely tied, this journey with a certain length and we know where we will go down. Oh how we wish sometimes that everything in life like that! Again.

So control the monster raised its ugly head when we are in a constant state of falling, when the universe suggests that we do not include everything that was in it, then why be afraid? Nothing we can do about it, so why do not we just drop the guests? Image is in my head right now skydivers freefall, somersaulting and free fall through the air while whooping and laughing with joy. They know that they are lalapag the ground but my goodness they are the guests ride while it lasts. Instead of tense and worry about hitting the ground we could just enjoy the process and revel in the excitement. When I was training for parascending we are taught to relax the body and give the knee when our feet hit the ground – it prevents the damage because you can not resist the fall, you move with the flow of energy.

Gravity encourages us to let go and give up on a beautiful fall rush of life, knowing that the certainty of reaching the end also promises a new beginning.

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Planet X and 2012 Doomsday Countdown

In 2006, Pluto was “derived” from planet to dwarf planet status just because astronomers began to find other objects in space to have more mass and volume. Many questioned whether Pluto is a planet even worth considering and they finally agreed that it did not meet the requirements of the planets in our solar System.

In 1970s astronomers observed many dwarf planet Pluto as more the planet Neptune (called “trans-Neptunian objects) and began to ponder whether it could be the 10th planet. What they do not know is that the ancient cultures they beat it.

The ancient culture of the Sumerians, who lived in Iraq today, noting astronomical facts are surprised scientists today. ancient astronomer and author Zecharia Sitchin argues in his book, The 12th Planet, the Sumerians referred to a large planet with our Earth every 3,600 years to allow residents to interact with staff people. Sitchin theorized that the last time Planet X came close to Earth was in 556 BC, which means that come next will be in 2900AD. Unless the technology to find a way to let us live hundreds of years, none of us will live to see day.

There Yet another theory surrounding Planet X. Some say that a planet called Nibiru will collide with our planet next year. According to Richard Muller, a physicist, mass extinction like the dinosaurs perished could happen again because the dwarf planet orbiting the Sun every 26 million years or so. Difficult to predict when it might happen but it seems likely that each of these theories can be combined to make a legitimate hypothesis.

Will 2012 brought great disasters around the world in the form of a mysterious planet? What kind of signs are realized as though it happened? In the past months we were besieged by the planet in a natural disaster after another. Tsunami in Thailand, earthquakes from China to New Zealand to Chile, uncontrolled forest fires in the United States and Australia, floods across Europe. These events can all be attributed to astronomical strange vibration coming space.

The theory Planet X has a share of detractors. Official sources such as NASA denies the existence of the planet that can come so close to Earth, let alone colliding with it. Several other astronomers destroyed the theory of the 10th planet in our solar system together, even citing that there is a massive object passing the Neptune, does not meet the requirements of a planet.

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