Education and Career in Human Rights

I hate Monday. Many people have this kind of thought so you might not be the only one in the world who cannot face Monday with happiness. However, people should think about this circumstance deeper. If people love their job, they will not have this kind of thought of course. When people think that they hate Monday which should be the first day in the week for working, there must be something wrong with their choice. The biggest reason which makes people has this kind of thought maybe because their job is not their career. People have career if they love and know well about their job. Money earning will be bonus.

That is why; people really need to make sure that they choose the career which is suitable with their interest. Making money can be great interest for many people but we can see that having a lot of money does not mean that people can find the happiness of life. People have to ask about what they really like deep in their heart. Maybe we can find that recently people are getting more focused on their selves. They do not care if other people have problem as long as they can find happiness and satisfaction. However, people cannot deny that they are still human being who needs other people. When someone’s right is abused, they want to fight for their right. Human right issue is increasing recently but people will not find specific major which studies about human right or anything associated with human right. Human right will only be issue under law or social study umbrella. Nevertheless, if people really have interest in this field, they can pursue the career as human right expert. It is kind of rather new profession but if people have passion for doing something for the world and humanity, this profession can be a perfect choice.

Universal Human Right Student Network is umbrella organization which is led by students. Students who have interest in human right no matter what their cultural background or other background are able to join the network and get involved for bringing difference to the world and humanity. This is the network where people can share their idea and opinion about human right. The organization combines various aspects including journalism, activism, as well as critical research associated with human right. The biggest goal of this organization is developing and increasing awareness about human right issue among people and also government.

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