The Importance of Interior Design Portfolio Examples

Whether you are someone that works in interior design or you are a customer looking to hire an interior designer, a portfolio is very important!

If you are someone that is looking to hire an interior designer then you’ll want to see a portfolio to make sure that the person you are hiring is up to the job. Designers generally have different skills, experiences and specialities.  By viewing a portfolio (like the ones listed here) can help you to see what their skills are and make sure that they match your needs. Don’t worry if the first designer you come across doesn’t match you because there will be plenty that do – so you just need to carry on searching. If you talk to a designer that is dubious about showing you a portfolio or they don’t seem to have one then you should be wary of hiring them, after all – how do you know what they can do if they can’t show you?

On the flip side of this, if you are someone that wants to sell your design skills then you need to make sure that people know what they are getting. People simply won’t hire you unless they know that you have the skills to carry out the job in hand to a high standard. What you need to do is make sure that you have a high quality portfolio that you can show interested parties. It is worth trying to make sure that your portfolio has a range of pieces in different styles so people know what you are capable of. Not only does this show people what you can do but it shows that you are proud of your work and confident in your abilities which gives you much more chance of being hired!

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