Getting Online Six Sigma Certification

If you are given the opportunity to obtain online six sigma certification, you should absolutely go for it. This type of training and certification will really increase your employability and your career in general. Any employer that offers to deliver this training is quite obviously an employer who cares about their employees. The training program can be very expensive, so if you are able to take part in it through your organizational development department, then this is an opportunity not to be missed.

Most employers offer the courses online, because it gives them the best of both worlds: they get better trained employees and they don’t have to experience any downtime for time off for training. It is quite normal for an employer to request their staff take part in this training in their own time, since they have paid for the cost of it. As such, everybody wins.

By taking part in online six sigma certification, there is no need to arrange of an off-site location for the training either. People can study at home on their computer or during their break time at work. Since employees tend to understand just how beneficial this training is, they tend to be more than willing to do this. Even those who do not currently work in a job where they need Six Sigma tend to be interested in these courses, because they understand just how much of an impact it can have on their own career. These employees are generally even more willing to study outside of working hours.

Of course, the financial aspect is also very important. As stated, Six Sigma certification is quite an expensive course, but the cost is greatly reduced by delivering it online. Because there is no need to hire a teacher for a classroom and pay for the cost of overheads such as lighting, heating, food, drinks and more, online courses are a lot cheaper. The ratio is also important. With a regular course, the ratio of teacher to pupils tends to be no more than 12 pupils for each teacher. However, with online certification, the teacher has to record their training once, and it can be delivered countless times. Because of his, the cost is also a lot lower.

Do make sure, however, that your organization only works together with a proper provider of these courses. You should look into the accreditation in order to make sure the certification is actually valid. Unfortunately, because it is such a popular type of training, there have been a number of unscrupulous providers who have designed courses that may teach you a few things, but not sufficient to be accredited. Hence, upon completion, the certification will be no more than a piece of paper.

Take your time to search for a good provider by doing your research online. There are numerous high quality online Six Sigma certification organizations out there and they really deliver quality programs. Speak to them about how they operate and how you can sign people up, in order to find the best value for money for your organization.

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