Looking for a new mythology about the General Education Knowledge

General knowledge is encoded and stored in a database, where it can be easily accessed and used by anyone in the company. Does the code use the technique to document: This is copied from developed, made independent of that person, and reused for different purposes.

His approach to coding is designed to collect, collate and disseminate information. It relies heavily on information technology. One benefit of this approach is the reuse of knowledge codification. According to Davenport and Prusak the purpose of codification is to put the organization in a way that makes it accessible to those who need it. General knowledge actually change the code to make it as organized, explicit, portable and easy to understand as possible.

Coding Strategies named and described differently by different authors. Hansen, Beaver, and Tierney published an article in Harvard Business Review, titled “What is your strategy to manage?” In this article how different strategies for different skills and strategies to manage other companies described. The first approach is called encoding, where the approach to the data center:

Explain the technique in the case of two consulting firms, Anderson Consulting and Ernst & Young, have adopted this technique due to the fact that their work is mainly focused on the implementation of innovative projects of pure design. Stephen Denning, former World Bank describes two different ways to share the collection and connection dimensions Dimensions. The sample size is defined as information and communication technology for encoding, preservation and restoration of the content, which in principle is constantly updated by a computer network “Capturing and spreading awareness through ,

About Leading Edge General Number Knowledge Management Solution “developed by the European consortium, which brings together this way. Know-Net call to see the product and the process views. Product-view approach is described as focusing on the product and contains artifacts and shows that it is a document management and creation, storage and re-use of memory-based computing to the enterprise. Competitive strategy is to exploit unorganized, Standards, and can be reused.

Natarajan and Shekhar introduces two models, model transformation and model independent, which is clear from the description above. The model is explicitly associated with the transformation, based solely on the arrest document, structured database tools, mining, text mining and search and recovery applications.

A white paper describing the technology Lotus km and km collaborative application categories as “still retains the distribution of application code or distributive collaborative storage is made explicit and kept for distribution to consumers inside and outside organization as it looks, describe all of the descriptions and definitions of a strategy closely related to encoding. For the rest of this article, we according to the coding labels to refer to the type of approach described above.

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