FAQ door Door 2013 2013 Exam General Information

You can request one of 21 paper documents.

I want to appear in the GATE examination with a different flow, is it possible?

Yes, it can be your choice to choose the paper / specialization appropriate. Conditions of eligibility for each institution / PSU varies from one to another. For better value is expected to appear in the discipline level of eligibility.

We can change our sheets survey or inspection of the city after the final submission of the online application?

You can expect no change in the gate 2013 exam papers after submission of the application form. You can ask for a change in the agency conducting the examination gates of the city until 20 November 2012.

All costs are required to request a change of examination city?

Yes, you must pay a fee of 400 for change of examination city.

Can we get ONLINE / offline due 2013 gate review our options?

No, this study has been assigned to your application will not be considered.

I will bring the workforce white paper during the test?

Union of these letters are not allowed in the examination room.

Offline Exam: For the rough blank worksheet brochure.

Online Tests: For the hard work of the notebook given during the trial.

Can we require additional coarse leaves during test?

No additional sheets will be provided by a difficult test, so managing their leaves in the same way.


GATE 2013 Offline analysis

We can use a pencil to mark the bubbles on the answer sheet?

NO, pencils are not allowed to darken the door of a bubble answer sheet.

Allowed ONLY black pen ink pen dark bubble answer sheet

Tell me the link to verify door lock solutions / responses?

Check your solution


The benefits and importance of door cards Exam / Score for Engineers:

Enrollment in post-graduation M. Tech or ME (Master of Engineering)

Candidates with good quality door with all India rank (AIR) will receive a choice of all the best schools. IIT is the best institution that facilitates a better position and higher education levels.

Schools receive a quality gate for M. Tech. / M. E. Program They are:

All IIT, IISC Bangalore, NITs, IIITs, deemed university charter, the leading private university, state university of engineering.

Scholarships awarded by MHRD to all candidates who apply based on GATE Score Card.

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