4 Reasons to learn handwriting

There is no doubt that the quill (pen in hand) is responsible for stimulating the brain. Furthermore, the results of the development of handwriting involving brain thinking and synchronization between the movements of the body, etc.

In some countries such as the United States and Canada instead of printing the italic style driven, while in Asian countries such as India cursive writing style is an important part of the school curriculum.

Here’s Steve Graham discovery research to consider:

“The majority of primary school teachers believe that students in writing leading manufacturer written assignments fluent in quantity and quality and result in higher quality …”

Here are some factors that will emphasize how the skills of writing and the source term life outside of writing used in the classroom and academics.

Help identify, locate, and only the letters on the right track

Each alphabet has a specific shape and form creation. When children write, they should follow the style. It provides an opportunity for students to understand that every letter and provide a perfect identity, and because it is an important study adds. This resulted ultimately improve handwriting legibility.

Two. Tinataasan neuronal activity

Each time children writing, sent by the brain to take action in writing. Coordination between the brain and motor activity to activate the synchronization involving both hemispheres. Handwriting, which is called brain writing, and a unique style of writing (alone having no common interest) to fully agree with the statement.

Three. Helping students with conditions such as ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

Children with disabilities such as dyslexia and dysgraphia have trouble understanding the lyrics. They can cause confusion in the identification of letters with the same shape and how to make the letter ‘b’ and ‘d’. Therefore, the star of writing through the use of graphics, symbols, graphics, pictures, etc. to help students deal with their easy dyslexic tendencies.

April. Creating visual and spatial skills

For well-written and readable, proper spacing between letters and words are important. Regular exercise pen in hand so conducive to the development of spatial skills which ultimately improves the display to read better, remember better and effective memorization.

Handwriting can help you gain fluency in the language (a language that writes the author) makes a comfortable interaction and communication, and result in increased efficiency of the individual psyche. It also adds to the speed of regular writing. Therefore, a different style of writing has its own importance and certainly nothing compared to the advantages of each.

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