What is accreditation? And Accreditation Issues Really Worth

A mother Homeschooling in Georgia asked if he should get “accreditation mentor” or if he can do it all yourself. The answer really depends on the laws of each country. Upcoming review “national”, however, colleges and universities accept applicants from all – of the schools and know some schools do not. Not all public schools or private schools actually met. Universities do not always know where the applicant is a public or private school recognized school and who is not. Often times, they do not look like homeschoolers applicants from state schools. It is one of the main reasons why they see the SAT and ACT, transcript and essay.

If you ask me, it is almost always more usually busy with high school accreditation. I almost never listen to the lessons related to accreditation. College regularly see children with good grades in school admits, however, that the entrance to the college without knowing how to read and write properly. Did you know that 30% of children admitted to college – including the recognized schools – “constructive”, which is believed to university accreditation realize that not all its cracked up to be.

Meanwhile, the accreditation of homeschoolers has grown into a scandal. There are companies that make a lot of money for accreditation homeschoolers when they really are not required to be recognized. Some parents feel pushed into it and was forced to pay a lot of money down the drain.

Parents know their students better. Each parent can take the final decision that determines accreditation for themselves. Many people decide to go that way, and it was delicious. I just want people to get accreditation, fearing that “should”. Not identified. My children are receiving all of the schools that applied, received the scholarship is ideal, and both received a full scholarship to the college of their first choice. You do NOT need to recognize the transcript to go to college or receive scholarships.

You may have to pursue accreditation consultant in cases where state law requires. If your state law does not get it, then it truly optional, and the answer depends on you and your family situation. My job is to help you feel confident that you can do it yourself. After that, whatever you decide to do, to make decisions based on fear.

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