Oracle E-Business Suite Strategy and Roadmap

Oracle E-Business Suite Strategy and RoadmapIn this article I know about the future direction of our roadmap for a business suite and to help you improve. Your investment in the workweek begins even say sweet part of our overall approach to implementing Oracle applications called finite if it really means is that we continue to produce new devices with new features new capabilities for existing product lines to our customers away. They should make this development even after we launched the first version of the new generation of products that the implementation of the plan of merger with E-Business Suite is committed to continuous improvement in terms of the ability of the company to develop a new business suite.

Along with the continued growth of the Fusion next-generation applications and the continued growth of the other full line of products we have in business applications Oracle fried sweet specific roadmap to assume that there is only one expressed as a launch capability allowed last year.

Upgrading E-Business Suite 11.5.10

So if you are in the business very pleased to launch the next week or so old they just talk about changing the way you are thinking of moving to E-Business Suite. The first thing to be in our 11th version, but this time I really stick to 5/11/10 in 2004 that want to make your plans to upgrade to a suite 12.1 launch of the E-business today and do you get a number of new capabilities to be able to take advantage of what the main part of his plan is not just a way to make the upgrade just to support the window, a release of this project, but it will be another advantage of the new capabilities that we have any business especially sweet 12.1 finances.

We actually write two methods of accounting or are based on contact work sub accounting basically means that we are separate from the accounting treatment of business documents to several different accounting treatment of the document, if you are a business has a different graphic accounts that you support accounting standards growth devotion and, of course, in addition to the services already share the best you can expect the support of a shared service center Mostly good legal entity kakalabas 12.1 12.1 and some basic skills. You simply take advantage of the characteristics of a completely new form every year so you can take advantage of it. Now beyond that we have recently introduced the possibility to find loopholes explain why our products are based on a technology called DECCA need and what it is what allows you to create a more productive your business is getting better with problems tend to use their ERP system to retrieve information they need to know what the operation works.

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