What Teaching English Abroad really want?

It is one thing to see yourself living in other parts of the world, standing in front of the class, teaching people how to communicate well in English. But before you take the plunge and actually do the next six months or a year of your life to teach English abroad, what the experience is really like?


Part of the experience (at least initially) is adrenaline. After all, a lot of people talking about how cold it would get on a plane and teach English abroad, but how many of them actually do? By taking your TEFL certification, get a job, and get on that plane, you are doing something most people never do. You will pack up and leave everything to a new adventure, so let yourself feel refreshed!

After that, though, it’s time to get down to business. After all, you have to travel halfway around the world to make a difference. Every morning when you be off your alarm clock will get you up to know that your work is changing the lives of your students. By teaching English abroad you help people improve their job skills, helping them to connect with relatives in English-speaking countries, or just help them enjoy British culture. Whatever their reasons for taking the course you, your students will thank you for the work you do!

And, yet, probably learned as much from them!

In fact, one of the largest facilities of teaching English abroad is to learn about a new country and a new culture. Forget what you read or see on TV documentaries travel guide books. You have months (or even years, if you want!) To spend in your new country. You can go far beyond being a tourist and, conversely, you could see a new country through the eyes of the natives.

And, chances are that your students will take you under their wing and show venue, food, and customs that you would have known about otherwise. In fact, many professional TEFL love living in suburban and rural areas – as opposed to the giant city so attractive for TV appearance – as they offer a more “authentic” feel.

By the time all is said and done, your students will have a valuable new skills, and will have experience of teaching English abroad that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

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