V7 Test Study Guide 000 030 IBM Tivoli Service Request Manager 2 Implementation

Applying quality special IBM – IBM Tivoli Services Demand v7.2 Manager is responsible for the creation of professional control service requests Solutions IBM Tivoli Service Request Manager v7.2 art. Individuals are expected to do this project with limited assistance from peers, certification articles, services and resources.

Key areas of expertise:

Explain v7.2 IBM Tivoli Service Request Manager for structures and components

Demand for configuration control (table service and repair code)

Explain procedures and service information (service request, incident, problem and information management) call the main control

Describe the services and the completion of the basic application information

Explain and define the integration of IBM Tivoli Service option Request Manager v7.2

Required Knowledge Requirements:

Knowledge of IBM Tivoli Service Request Manager v7.2 appliances are eligible for phase 3

Knowledge and information services and skills improvement over control applications happiness in step 3

Knowledge of the host program (WebSphere Application Server and WebLogic Server Hosting) long stage 2 special

Knowledge of operating systems, social networking, and software concepts, skills over stage 2

Knowledge of XML Qualitative Phase 2

Skills Knowledge of SQL directory for amplified stage 2

Knowledge of safety (security SSL, LDAP, information, user program, which contains a list of server accounts) long stage 2 special

Knowledge, skills HTTP methods other Phase 1

Knowledge of ITIL V3 Skills Project Phase 2 long

Knowledge of administrative data sources and server elements – capacity 1

The inclusion of elements of knowledge – capacity 1

Knowledge of Jython programs – Capacity 1

Skill level:

1 – Basic Skills / Knowledge: basic performance information and ideas can enlist the help of a certification or other sources.

2 – Operation of skills / knowledge: information about operating performance and ideas you can use an item or describe the principles that have little or no assistance.

3 – Advanced skills / knowledge: significant performance gains or principles, may teach others how to use performance or to illustrate the principle.

4 – special skills / knowledge, conduct meetings or the principles of broad and comprehensive can create or customize code, structure or method.

Exam subjects

The following information provides general guidelines for the content likely to be included in the examination. However, other related topics are also specific inspection Split Tivoli Software Distribution. To further illustrate the test material and quality requirements for these recommendations are subject to change at any time you want without notice.

System Configuration and Setup: Part 1 Review

Check Part 2: Working with functional data

Review of Part 3-1: Configuring IBM Tivoli Service Request Desk Delivery Manager v7.2

Review of Part 3-2: Configuring IBM Tivoli Service Request Desk Delivery Manager v7.2

Check Part 4: Configuring IBM Tivoli Service Request Manager for Service Catalog 7.2 V

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