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We as a society are quite proud of the fact that like other species on the planet to grow our food or hunting rather than gathering it. It is a very good thing that civilization can not flourish if their food and escape the fighting. It may come as a surprise but we are the first species started growing our own food. The first species is estimated that half a million brain cells, they are ants.

Most ants gather food or hunt it. But with a few million years after the dinosaurs finally gave up the ghost ant starts to grow food. This ant is a species of termites and they include bark beetle was the first animal to learn how to grow food. When you think of growing food you can think of a large garden or a large wheat field. But the ants will not grow delicious tasting food instead they grow several types of termites fungus.

The grow their food in advance is part of a group of attine. One species that is a member of the group called leaf cutter ants. The ants start eating 10 million years ago, give or take 5,000,000. This was before the first humans began to deviate from the apes. A colony of leaf cutter great minds can scare millions of members and the size of a football field mushroom family field.

The attine ant species not all succeed as a cutter blade. Some of them can be considered as an ape or primitive but it’s still more than most species of ants. They use fungus to degrade dead material. When you go into the woods you will find that the story has a lot of dead leaves and other debris flowers. The ants collect and create a park like a sponge to add some edible mushrooms and voila.

When you think of edible mushrooms you can think about mushrooms but the ants do not actually eat the mushrooms (or not least growing). They eat the fungus before it actually became mushrooms. Ant farmers can be considered a vegetarian because they rarely catch bugs or other insects, but they drink nectar, and leaves the biggest question juices.

The scientists have when they start to happen ? When I first started ants grow their own food. Although it is not certain we will get a very accurate date scientists are drawing up a family tree of species of fungi growing ants and the fungi see what they are mutated. With this forum we approach the answer.

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