A Biology Topic You Never considered – Life spans and laughter – Why Comedians Die Young ?

They say that laughter is good for the soul, and the people with a great sense of humor last longer, meaning they live longer, can laugh their way through the difficulties. Well, it is true? Seem to be a difference between satire and humor, and it’s a great difference.

Someone tired of life, probably because of hard times, and somewhat cynical in many ways, you could say many negative things that affect their personality, and this may affect their immune system, although no one knows for sure. Even worse, there is no empirical evidence of what I suggest.

Okay so, you are aware that some of the top comedians never seem to live to old age, and only some of them are – the wish of George Burns and Bob Hope. But most of the modern comedian died well before his time. Why is that? It is not a subject of biology that you can find anywhere, and you can go to Google and scholars have been no reports of studies on this. And despite conventional wisdom, and the urban myth seems to indicate that people with a good sense of humor live longer because, that may be true – it can not be proven, and there are too many examples the only opposite.

Still, we know from the best comedians, they do not often live to old age. Is it because their negativity – they have to find negative things to make light of their routine? Is it because of the kind of comedy? Is it because of stress entertaining on stage? Is it due to the fact that they continue to make fun of other people, and maybe have another send them back negative vibes Is it because they feel like everyone loves them because just they are beautiful, and not for who they are -?

Impostor phenomenon? Is it because they are a bit manic depressed behind it all, and they made their humor as a shield or as a fun look? They do not spend their lives making others laugh hear, because their lives are apathetic, or they feel inadequate or depressed? We know that depression is not good for the longevity of life, in any case, it is necessary that further explored. And I hope you will please consider this subject of biology.

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