Poor Bush encroachment Control

Why the spraying of herbicides, weed control methods, or Bush encroachment Control Program sometimes have bad results? Below are possible reasons for this condition are low results.

Weather can play a major roll in the success or failure of weed control program. When the herbicide is applied, and the rain soon after, then in most cases just wash herbicide. If you’re expecting rain, always check the herbicide label for information about rainfastness.

Low temperature can also affect the results of herbicide. Wind can cause herbicide drift to sleep and not go where it was intended to land.

The weed growth stage is an important factor to look at. If the plant is not actively growing, it is not a systemic herbicide absorbed into the plant. Plants under stress will have the same effect. Systemic herbicide will enter the plant through the leaves and roots. So the plants do not have enough leaves, is most likely not good results.

Often wrong product can be used for the wrong specie. Labeled as non-selective herbicide, does not mean that the herbicide will affect all plants. It is very important to always study the label to see which species registered herbicides for.It also occur specie herbicides listed below, but resistance.

Another to establish the cause of failure, which is often that case, the product or herbicides are not used properly. Wrong mixture, incorrect calibration, the volume of water that is incorrect or improper application procedures, all of the critical factors of poor results. Always know carefully.

It label widespread good results are not actionable. In most cases it causes all the effort spent, spend time, money invested, and the results achieved, a total waste. Follow up is very important.

Untrained operators, inadequate manpower, inadequate supervision, lack of interest, lack of long-term commitment, and poor budgeting is another factor that can affect the outcome of your programs.

Avoid to eliminate resistance by following the label recommendations. Do not try to “Cost Savings” to reduce products and / or water Rates.

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