The Great Barrier Reef

Known throughout the world as the natural structure is built that can be seen from the moon, Great Barrier Reed cover large distances over 2,600 km. This natural formation is formed billions of coral polyps is a UNESCO World Heritage and enjoy some appreciation of the world as far as marine biodiversity is concerned. It is important to research and study of marine organisms in the Pacific region and around the world. To be honest, no one will want it. It is a giant himself. It is located in Queensland, Great Barrier Australia.

Life nothing short of simple. Principle of survival of the fittest applies, plankton provides food for the smallest fish, which is also a feeding frenzy smaller fish, which is also a way of life for a greater and so on and so on until it reaches the human level, the highest point in the food chain. I wonder if the people who never tops the list of the food chain Great White, I do not think so.

The reefs have received so many good focus of local governments of Australia and the international institutions that promote the natural ecological balance. This is the epitome of natural resources and wealth that are too important to ignore. They are doing all they can to preserve and protect the natural occurrence on the reef and to minimize the potentially damaging activities that can disrupt the balance of nature. Coral reefs are the gift of nature to man, it is important to just rob and bracelet with.

The Reed supports a variety of marine life. With abundant biodiversity, more species of marine life are found here than anywhere else in the world. It will not be called as one of the seven natural wonders of the world for nothing. True, it’s surprising they’ve come to visit, most of the tourists visit the reef left with an incredible memory of something so big and beautiful and the experience is very important and unforgettable.

Tourism reefs bring funding to the Australian government on any other sea creatures in Australia. On average each year for a whopping A $ 4000000000 in 2003. Approximately 2,000,000 people visit the Great Barrier Reef annually who argued for sending threats to coral reefs. However, tourism in the region is highly dependent on activity in the Great Barrier Reef.

Something is a great gift, such as in the form of the Great Barrier Reef should be careful handling. It should be noted and considered fragile. This value is also to be seen in order to maintain the life and beauty of the noble.

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