Nakakagaling Duty to Society

In spite of these difficulties are a natural part of who we are, our history is as much about overcoming such difficulties about anything. We uphold the life of leisure, with all obstacles removed, although now we are living in a world where technology dramatically improved the quality of our lives we are not happy. We have removed only the physical discomfort and psychological difficulties created to replace them, driving school enrollment for online counseling and self-help authors create rich.

Been persuaded to connect the idea of ​​the difficulties with a negative. Therefore, we try to avoid problems whenever we can, and when we see others experience we feel sorry and try to help them.

But we can not think of poverty in terms of what is required of us. We have to think about it in terms of what we get out of it. Difficulties make us stronger, he forced the action, and force us to work harder. We do it more independent, reminding us of our ability, and allows us to feel our inner strength. Any difficulties, there are moments of pure magic when our thoughts Transition from suffering to endure. When it empowers us like nothing else.

But over time we cut back the forest and replace it with a product of the forest, the natural habitat of our day is the economy. In habitats with a gadget or tool for everything, and marketers are responsible for the sale of gadgets and gizmos that a collective obsession with convenience to keep us buying.

Now we surround ourselves with comfort. We worked for hours to buy countless products, we violate the moral and ethical standards we know we need to, we spend money on a hundred different things, all of which are designed to remove the difficulties of our lives in one way or another. In the end, the physical suffering of the lost, but removing it we weakened ourselves. When we are weak we become vulnerable to the kind of psychological torture that strong people do not even realize.

Of course, that’s all we read about some billionaire with depression struggle with some degree of trembling, wondering how she could be depressed when he could be anything he wants. The answer is that he can buy anything he wants. As a result, he removed all of the challenges of life, and with them he got his life meaning.

Meaning in our lives is found in the movement, not stasis. We were very pleased when we go to the next level, when we facing the next challenge, when we want something that is beyond our reach. We thrive during the victory, of course, but we can not rest on old times. We have to keep moving, then we create obstacles can be overcome.

When we stopped moving – if we sit still for too long or if we have good reason to put one foot in front of the other – we open ourselves up to torment the weak. An increasing number of enrollment between schools for online counseling is a testament to how much help we need.

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