Several Practical Application of calcium phosphate

Family mineral compound of calcium ions is accompanied orthophosphate or pyrophosphate or metaphosphate and occasionally, hydrogen or hydroxide ions are referred to as calcium phosphate.

The main constituents of milk calcium to form calcium phosphate. Bone mineral hydroxyapatite or calcium-containing phosphate or are about seventy percent of the grains and ninety percent of the enamel of our teeth.

Unlike most of the other compounds, the calcium phosphate solubility decreases with increasing temperature. Therefore, the heating causes the precipitation.

Cow’s milk is composed of a higher concentration of these compounds is not possible when the normal pH levels. This is due to the fact that calcium phosphate in milk present in colloidal form with zinc, magnesium and citrate micellar casein protein control. These are collectively referred to as colloidal calcium phosphate.

Mono Calcium acid phosphate is a chemical compound with the formula of calcium phosphate Ca (H2PO4) 2. These compounds are used for various commercial purposes. Is used in the production process of phosphoric acid. It is also used in the manufacture of fertilizer, for example, in the process of Odda. In addition, the yeast, which is used as an additional agent. Another use of a calcium phosphate mono acid is used in cheese products.

Anhydrous calcium phosphate is used primarily as a dietary supplement in a variety of food products such as cereals, enriched flour, pasta products, treatment of dog and more accurate. It also finds use in the pharmaceutical industry as a tablet as a powdered agent, and deodorant. In addition, it is also used in the manufacture of animal feed. It was also approved for use as a tartar control agent in toothpaste.

The use of tricalcium phosphate as antiplatelet together to find a name of the agent in powdered spices. It is also used in industrial fertilizer production strategy, but by converting it into a mono calcium phosphate acid with sulfuric acid. As a leavening agent, which is used in yeast. Similarly as anhydrous calcium phosphate, tricalcium phosphate is used as a nutritional supplement and is in the cow milk. Besides functioning as a key element in the tooth powder and porcelain. Other applications that are used to repair bone defects as a replacement tissue. Thus, calcium phosphate is used for certain commercial purposes.

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