Can a Human Space Flight Pregnancy survive – We Need to Know Before we dare to go !

If there are people who roamed far it will take a long time to get there, at least with current technology, and until we find a way to warp space-time, and fold it into our favor, or transverse, well, we need to understand some trip of a lifetime – that means we have to find a way to breed the next generation to continue the mission, if we ever get there. Where ever “there” may be.

Not long ago, I discussed the real issues involved in the loss of bone density, artificial gravity, and the frequency of the earth, the energy vibrations that our bodies are very focused. First, we need to find ways to enable people to live full lives in the sky, no premature death, and do it in a healthy environment to prevent them from becoming too hot ship.

Or continue their work in the space, as a science fiction writer reasoned, we need a way to allow the body to sleep longer operating well below 10% without damage, allowing it to travel a distance ten times every hour of life – ten times the good life – which could potentially be long enough to obtain the desired goal – hopefully, You just plan.

Now later, the question remains, can reproduce human space – that says, human pregnancy can survive space flight, gravity zero, or near zero gravity long enough to have a child Practical? We need to know this before we send a team out to travel the stars. So, what’s the answer, it can be done or not? The truth is we do not know the answer to this question, although I am certainly not the first to propose them, or the last. An interesting paper to read online about this topic: “Sex on Mars: Pregnancy, Fetal Development, and Sex In Outspace,” by R. Joseph and published in the Journal of Cosmology, October-November 2010, Vol 12, 4034, 4050.Perhaps, it is the best justification why we need NASA Astro-biological division to conduct research topic. We never let our imagination for long-term space exploration human being to come to fruition, we need to know, therefore, we need to proceed as taxpayers to fund such R and D, until we know for sure. Only then, we can start the future of the human quest begins. Please consider all this.

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