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Last year, I taught a class with a homeschool science curriculum STC / MS “Macro Micro-organisms”. Both children enjoy a variety of curriculum and I learn more as well. Although there is an opportunity to improve the curriculum in all it was a great experience and I would love to use it again.

First, some background. As with other curriculum STC / MS, “Macro to Micro-organisms” that are intended for use by children under 6, 7, or 8 grades. It is a program organized by the investigation of biology, which emphasizes hands-on labs. As the title suggests, students are introduced to a variety of organisms, including natural specimens of both macroscopic and microscopic.

There were six students in the class, all the girls, for each class of 6 or 7. As homeschoolers, has a very diverse educational backgrounds, but they all come from families with relatively academic approach to homeschooling. That is, all children will have regular classes in all core subjects (even more). PR and testing are part of this class, but compared to classes in public or private schools, arranged for my class workload is relatively light.

Perhaps the main theme of this unit is that life is surprisingly diverse. As someone who studied for decades, I almost forgot how stressful to know that some animals can play to solve two microscopic creatures that perform photosynthesis, active swim and eat. I’m glad that my students now have a greater awareness of how different life. “Macro-Micro Organisms” effect is achieved by the incorporation of lessons small wasps (called WOWBugs) blackworms California, yeast, hydra, various protists, plants mustard (Fast Special Crops), daphnia, and much more.

Another important issue is genetics, evolution, cell division and reproduction. Topics are introduced, but not discussed in detail. In general, I think the level of detail that is appropriate for middle school. My main concern with this curriculum is that hurried through this. For example, there is only one lesson in mitosis (with two different tasks). Mitosis is difficult and most of the students at this level the first time realized. For this reason, I think the lesson is do not spend enough for any meaningful study. Fortunately, the curriculum so easy to carry to add additional classes.

It is clear that further studies are needed some difficult subjects as compared to subjects in the curriculum review. This study is very ambitious, and it is rare for a student to do well in it without instruction.

For veteran teachers (or maybe even a novice teacher with a strong background in biology) who are looking for high quality curriculum to form the backbone of the class, I think the “Macro Micro-organisms” is a very good choice. Curriculum for teachers to be completely on your own, without any modification or addition, it may not be the best option.

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