By Project Management concepts Interview Questions for Project Manager – 8

The purpose of this article series is to introduce the concept of project management. Question one might face interviews for the position of Project Manager, is used as a vehicle to introduce the concept. This is the eighth part of the series and the concept still applies. The series will be in ten parts, and each article in this series will discuss the five questions you can ask potential and clarify related issues. Introduced the concept will help you prepare for the PMP certification is often required to position.

It Project Manager is really important to have clear communication with stakeholders. To make it more effective, PM should be able to determine the exact needs of a particular stakeholder. How does one determine that, anyway? Power / influence stakeholder mapping grid tells you what stakeholders hold and how much influence he / she is a project decision, needs, etc. Power / Interest grid and impact / influence network he / About the project . Lobe modeling is another way to determine who is the most effective. Lobe modeling is a qualitative assessment and determine the amount and type of information that should be submitted to stakeholder.

A PM should look out for the risks associated with all actions and decisions taken or carried. What kind of risk? There are several types of risks that may arise. In general, it is related to the field of technology, external hazards and risks due to internal factors or organization. Technical risks may arise due to the technology used. There may be other categories of risk depends on the specific type of assistance project.It always, if one think about the risks they are aware and documents. The issue later in front of you all the time and PM, and the team aware of them at all times. What does the “danger list” document? A risk register document all identified risks. All precautions are those documents. List of potential actions, in terms of actual risk emerge, risk identification process documented.

Can also have some time? One positive aspect of the process of risk identification, you can find some positive risks or opportunities. When such an opportunity has been identified, so it is listed in the list of risks and the appropriate action to follow up documented register.

Is just enough to determine the risks? Risks associated with each of the two figure. One is the possibility of it occurring. It is a number between 0 and 1. When zero, which is such a certainty that the event will not happen. The risk is not necessarily to be taken into account. However, as the increase in the probability of 1, assume the risk of important issues. A probability of 1 is the certainty that it will happen. The effect is another factor to consider. This factor attempts to account for the effect of a particular risk actually happening.

Part 9 Takes five questions. 10 articles included 50 questions between them.

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